Lever hoists is kind of lifting hoists used for light material handling. The lever hoists can be grouped into two types: cable or rope lever hoists and chain lever hoists. Both types of liver hoists take advantages of ratchet and pawl system to rotate a gear or pulley a pre-set distance that lifts the loads.

VA series lever chain hoists is kind of widely used lever hoists, which is widely used in various kinds of factories, mines, construction sites, transportation and other occasions, etc., for equipment assembly, material handling and other usage, etc.

Features of VA series lever chain hoists

  1. The lever chain hoists adopts Torntroller Mechanism.
  2. Quenched and tempered hooks provides high safety to the lever chain hoist.
  3. Shock-resistant gear cover and brake cover is equipped on the lever chain hoists which can prevent the rain water and dusts.
  4. Bolted rubber grip is used to ensure the safe operation of the lever chain hoists.
  5. The brake mechanism of lever chain hoists are designed specially with friction prevention.

Specifications of lever chain hoists

Standard lift height Running test load( T) No of falls of load chain Load chain diameter(MM) Net weight(kg)
0.5 t lever chain hoist 1.5 0.75 1 5 3.5
0.75 t lever chain hoist 1.5 1.125 1 6 7
1 t lever chain hoist 1.5 1.5 1 6 7.5
1.5 t lever chain hoist 1.5 2.25 1 8 11
2 t lever chain hoist 1.5 3 1 8 12
3 t lever chain hoist 1.5 4.5 1 10 19
6 t lever chain hoist 1.5 9.5 2 10 32

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