About Us

We champion and nurture creativity and an environment where we understand togetherness has a powerful force and lead us to our main goal, which is to add considerable value to clients end goals.

Our Mission

OUR Mission has been to efficiently delivery exceptional service and  products without ever compromising our integrity. Relying sole on our ability to best anticipate and proactively solve our present and future clients PROBLEMS.

Our Vision

YMR Comercio a Grosso & Prestacao de Servicos, has been created with a vision as a place to where young professional could create their tomorrow and become true differentiator in the Angolan market by adding value in its identity.

Our Values

OUR Value, is centered in deeming our self’s accountable, respectful and responsible for efficient delivery to our clients, adding value by delivering industrial products for needs.

What we really do?

YMR. Industrial. Consumables – Services the industrial sector by supplying industrial consumables and services.

Our focus

To continue to add value to our clients by best anticipating and proactively solve our current and future clients needs.

History of the Company

The company started as Nasa Industrial, in 2013, with our chemical pump and systems units, representing as an agent of the CheckPoint brand in Angola. The company quickly progressed into procurement of many products as demand for industrial products for the Oil & Gas sector continued to increase in the country.
In 2014, the company decided to change its name to YMR as Nasa industrial was constantly being associated with Nasa Commercial, another local oil service provider.
From 2015, in the mid-set of Oil Down Turn and a recession in Angola, a decision to focus on niche markets was made and in late 2015, the company decided to purchase 230 Tote tanks to fill up the gap on chemical tote tank leasing in the country. At the same time, we decided to fill up another void in the industrial consumable area (outside the construction industry), where the needs continue to grow and YMR Industrial Consumable was born.
Fast forward to 2020, YMR Industrial, has its own local warehouse storing facility and distribution site in Sequele, Luanda – Angola.

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