WD-40 200ml

The WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians from the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. Originated from looking for a rust protector and degreaser to protect the missile parts. The name comes from the project, which aimed to develop a compound to repel water displacement). They were successful with a quadratic formula, therefore WD-40.
5 FUNCTIONS, THOUSANDS OF USES. The WD-40 protects the metal from corrosion, penetration and unlock as lost parts, move moisture and lubricate just about anything.
The WD-40 helps to clean grease, dirt, marks and scratches on almost every surface.
DISPLACEMENT / DIELECTRIC WATER: As the WD-40 displaces moisture, it dries electrical systems quickly and eliminates moisture that favors the introduction of electrical circuits. (Remember to disconnect the electrical element before painting with the product).
PENETRATED AND UNLOCKED: The WD-40 loosens and releases as oxidized, blocked or dirty metal parts.
LUBRICANTS: The lubricating ingredients in the WD-40 are distributed to all parts where the product is applied. This lasting action is carried out by all moving elements.
PROTECT: The WD-40 is protected as metal surfaces with its corrosion resistant components. It forms a highly protected barrier.
CLEANING: The WD-40 goes through dust, dirt, oil grease and oil to clean the treated surface, making it shiny. Remove these stickers, labels, etc.

Spray 200ml of WD40, must-have miracle product and multifunction.


  • Remove squeaks
  • Chasing moisture
  • Clean and protect
  • Unclog rusty pieces
  • Loosen the jammed mechanisms
  • Removes stains from grease, tar …

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