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  • Our experienced staff will help you obtain a quote on items you can’t find in our catalog
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Electrical installation Services

From the planning stages to powering on and everything in between, we make getting an electricity connection to your home simple and stress-free. We have a wealth of experience in a variety of different projects and can provide you with a quote and advice on your different options available. Get in touch today.

  • Commercial Electrical Services
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Electrical Installation
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Lighting

CCTV Camera Services

  • CCTV Camera Installation and setup
  • CCTV Camera Repair
  • CCTV systems maintenance for medium and large enterprises
  • Full on-site design and implementation of the CCTV system

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Monthly inspections will ensure the fire extinguisher will operate as directed in the event of an emergency.

If you are wishing to discuss the installation or maintenance of fire extinguishers for your business or property, then please contact a member of the team

  • Visual inspection (gages, pressure indicator, dates, cylinder, etc.)
  • Physical inspection: weight, hose, seal, etc.
  • Verify and tag unit: Location and date
  • Assist with repair works and modifications
  • Ensuring premises have correct levels of fire extinguisher coverage

Features & Benefits

  • Helps you stay compliant
  • Helps you keep your equipment ready
  • Can help meet insurance requirements
  • Promotes safety
  • Ensure the fire extinguishers are in the correct location (Is it visible and accessible)
  • Ensure the fire extinguishers are in good condition and ready for use
  • Ensure the fire extinguishers do not need any service, maintenance, or annual certification

Public Services & Other Service

Civil Construction and Public Construction

  • Architecture & Engineering Projects
  • Planning and Territorial Planning
  • Supervision of Constructions
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Construction Budgets
  • AS-Built
  • Technical Proposals
  • Economic Technical Viability Studies
  • Real Estate Mediation and Intermediation
  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Environmental Impact studies
  • Equipment

If you require any special information about our services do not hesitate to contact us at our Customer Services Team for more information.